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Vic Wind is an app for Australia that provides real-time and forecast wind information. You can see wind speed, direction, gusts, tides, sea temperatures, and even set up alerts to be notified when the wind conditions are right for your outdoor activity.


* Requires iOS 14.7 or higher

Wind Enthusiasts!

Vic Wind packs a punch for wind enthusiasts! This app for iPhone and iPad delivers a powerful combo:

Real-time and forecast wind data

Stay informed with current wind speed, direction, gusts, and tides across all of Australia, not just Victoria.

Customizable alerts

Never miss your perfect conditions again. Set alerts for specific wind speed ranges,directions, and even choose the exact location you want to monitor.

Detailed wind maps

Visualize the wind! Vic Wind offers a high-resolution map for Melbourne showcasing live wind speed, gusts, and direction. Plus, a broader map lets you see wind conditions across the whole country.

Reliable data source

Breathe easy knowing Vic Wind taps into the trusted Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) for its data.

Historic data

Vic Wind presents a 10-day history for all wind stations, as well as a 60 day wind statistics

Available On All Your iOS Devices

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user looking to stay on top of wind conditions, look no further than Vic Wind! This app is readily available for download on the App Store. No need to worry about missing out on perfect conditions  – Vic Wind puts the power of wind information right at your fingertips.

Available on iPhone and iPad

devices from iOS 14.7

Unique App Screens

Vic Wind has a map screen of live data with Melbourne detail and national overview, a wind forecast screen, tides, weather, wind statistics and settings. Background maps can be changed by the user.

Great for Outdoor Activities

Vic Wind's focus on wind conditions makes it ideal for outdoor activities that rely on or are impacted by wind.

App Features

Vic Wind is known for its accuracy and detailed wind data. It sources information from multiple reliable sources, including BOM weather stations.

Our Team

Windsurfer Chris Ackland launched the Vic Wind app in 2014 to help outdoor enthusiasts like himself chase the perfect conditions.

Chris Ackland
Laura Acklandiene
Business Development

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User Feedback

Vic Wind users on average rate the Vic Wind app 4.8 stars

Do even more with the Vic Wind App

Know wind now & plan ahead. Get alerts & detailed maps. Reliable data from BOM.